Summer has arrived! Don't give up if you haven't started your garden yet! We still have lots of stock to bring colour or edible plants into your life. Come in to see what specials we have on offer!

Get your hands dirty and develop a real sense of pride when you grow something. Whether its flowers to beautify or food to fuel you, gardening definitely brings happiness to many of us who do it!

Get Inspired!

Please browse the photo's in our gallery and on our social media platforms to get inspired. Take a look and run with it! Gardening doesn't have to be structured, so mix and match. But if uniformity is your flavour, one colour or plant can make your day. Either way be sure to have fun!

Our mission is to help you succeed!

We want you to enjoy your gardens. This means that you strive to get the most flowers, fruits, vegetables and success possible with anything you put in to them!

There is nothing more frustrating than spending your hard earned money and time only to have your efforts go to waste. No green thumb? No such thing! You just need the right advice and we’re here to help. We can help answer any questions you have regarding your garden or lawn and try to help guide you in the right direction for success.


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Why Choose Us

Before opening for retail, our family business has deep roots in wholesaling bedding plants and farming produce. This has led to years of experience and knowledge!

Our focus is on using premium plant material when it comes to our production. This is why we use Proven Winners annuals in all our hanging baskets, to provide our clientele with only the best.

We provide landscape design as one of our many services to our clients. Whether it be advice in the garden centre, or a personalized visit to a residence complete with full landscape drawings, the choice is yours.

The biggest part of our business and what we pride ourselves on, is our service. We strive to provide the best and friendliest service to all our customers that come to visit us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you carry bulk soils/mulches?

Unfortunately we do not. All of our soils are in 30L bags that are organic certified from Pefferlaw Peat Products. Also, our mulches are fade resistant and packed in 2-3 cu. ft bags.

Are you open all year long?

We are open to the public for retail from the beginning of April until the end of October. However, as we do grow a lot of our own products, we start in the greenhouses from January and can be reached any time of the year through email or our website.

Do you use pesticides?

Everything that we grow ourselves at the greenhouse has been treated using an IPM program. Our Integrated Pest Management program includes the use of predatory insects, biological insecticides/fungicides and occasionally the use of conventional chemical based products. We try to keep our use of harmful chemicals at a bare minimum.